How It's Made

Everything you see on our stages is made by us out of recycled materials, here's how:

Set for our previous show, Pack Up!

  • Nine cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other to make a wall to hide behind

  • One recycled duvet with hand-sewn patches and ribbons for the map

  • Three umbrellas, three tubes of piping (of three different sizes) and three small buckets with handles to make the trees

pack up coloured.png

Pack Up's Puppets

header image 2.png

Parrots - 

  • recycled shirts

  • cardboard

  • cushion filling

  • bamboo sticks

Penguins -

  • plastic bottle 

  • cardboard

  • black and orange plastic bags

  • hand-knit scarves


Sloth -

  • recycled teddy

  • recycled baby clothes 

  • bamboo sticks

Elephant -

  • Old handbag

  • Recycled scarf

  • Tin cans

  • Carboard planter

Robin -

  • plastic bottle 

  • cardboard 

  • recycled fabric 

  • string 

  • yogurt cups 

  • 2p coins