Whatever It May Be!

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Whatever Happens Next...

We've handed the reigns over to a team of external writers who will tell a story Through a series of episodes acted by our team. The writers don't know where it's going. We don't know where it's going. But whatever happens next, we know it's going to be awesome!

Here is series 1 episode 3 from last week. To see previous episodes head to Facebook. The next episode will be released on Sunday!

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Current/Upcoming Projects

Two series of 4 short episodes written by 7 external writers. Each episode follows on from the previous, and our writers have free reign to take the story wherever they please!

Ongoing on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Whatever Happens Next...

Wonderful Whimsical World

A series of eleven 20-30 min silly and educational episodes for ages 3+, found in full on our Facebook page.


Wonderful Whimsical Winter

2-5 minute shorts starring monster puppet Shoobert, about what winter looks like around the world! Partly educational and partly silly, for ages 2-5, posted on our Facebook page and Instagram every Sunday.